Politics, commerce and media. These three factors relentlessly continue to influence and dislodge societies. They shift values, create new technologies, promote rampant consumerism, ecological imbalance, and religious upheaval. These forces cause great disruptions for vast segments of the population.

As a result, we are re-living the dystopian atmosphere similar to the Industrial Revolution which left so many people drifting and useless.

As a Baby Boomer, I'm attracted to observing institutions and ways of life that held mystic reverence but then failed to evolve.

American manufacturing, the Cuban Revolution, the Catholic Church, European monarchies, the Kodak Company, are examples of movements that once dominated and are now morally or financially bankrupt.

I like to observe and record these Unsettled Times.

I am contributing editor at Casa Foa Magazine, Buenos Aires, and contributing photo editor at the Queens/LIC Courier Magazine, where I have a monthly column, 'Orestes LIC' that chronicles the changing topographic and social scene in Long Island City, Queens.


Winner: Los Diez, AI/AP Latin American Fotografia, Traveling Show 2016-2017
Honorable Mention: Night, Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO
Juror Sean Corcoran, Museum of the City of New York 2016

Solo Exhibitions


Julios House, Fredric Snitzer Gallery, Miami, Fl  


Artist Portraits, Manny Cantor Center NYC


NewYork/Havana, LIC Arts Open, NYC 


Julios House, Adorama Gallery, NYC 


Portrait of Artists/LIC, Reis Space, LIC, NY

Selected Group Exhibitions


Photoville, Brooklyn, NY September 

Beach Elements, Plaxall Gallery, NY 
Disruption, LIC Arts Open, NY 
Future Isms, Humble Arts Foundation Glassbox Gallery, Seattle 

Streetwise, Darkroom Gallery, EssexJunction, VT 

Composed, PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury, VT 

Latin American Fotografia 5 Winners, TravelingShow, 2016-2017

We:Americans  Station Independent Project, NYC 

Night, Center for Fine ArtPhotography, Fort Collins, CO

Interiors, Gold Coast Arts Center, Great Neck, NY 


LIC Arts Open, LIC, NY

Miami Photo Salon, Art Basel, Miami Fl 
LIC Arts Open, LIC , NY  
Oh,Ophelia, Turks & Caicos Gallery, Montreal, Canada, 
Conexiones/Connections , Gold Coast Art Center,Great Neck, NY 
Whitewash, Jeffrey Leder Gallery, LIC, NY 

Gimme  Shelter, Insite Design Studio, NY,
Photographic Being, Jeffrey Leder Gallery,LIC, NY 

Portraits, Jeffrey Leder Gallery, LIC,NY 

The City We Imagined, The NY ArchitecturalLeague, NY 
Focal Resolution, Dutch Kills Gallery, NY

Barbara Gillman Gallery, Miami, Fl. 

Video Work

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